BoYz may come and Go, bUt hOrSes aRe 4ever... Twelve-year-old Ashleigh rules the Lady Jean Ladies, South Florida's most exclusive horse club. News that her family's stables are being sold and their horses killed for meat throws the Ladies into crisis in this dark comedy of middle school deception and lies.

Development History

Workshop, Fordham/Primary Stages, 2013


Character Breakdown

7 women


Production History

Professional, the cell, 2015, directed by Sarah Krohn

Professional, Annex Theatre, 2014, directed by Norah Elges

University, Fordham/Primary Stages, 2013, directed by Sarah Krohn

Professional, Ars Nova's ANT FEST, 2013, directed by Sarah Krohn

Professional, Collaboraction Theatre Company, 2013, directed by Rebecca Stevens



Photos by Hunter Canning