Abigail is lost, confused, and twenty-two. When Kati, the most popular and idolized girl from high school, reaches out about joining her BikiniReady™ workout team, Abigail knows she has the chance to radically change her life. Be rich and skinny at the same time? Be her own #girlboss? Motivate and empower women to be their best selves and do it all from the comfort of her home? It sounds like the Millennial American Dream. But how hard does she have to push, how many people will she have to burn, to make her way to the top? Exploring a system designed for women to build each other up and tear each other down, I’ll Get You, My Pretty is a darkly comic look at how far we’ll go to get it all.

Character Breakdown

4 Women 


Development History:

Residency and Workshop at the University of Florida School of Theatre and Dance, June 2018. Directed by Ellie Heyman.

Reading at Roundabout Theatre Company, January 2019.


Banner Photo by Suzanna Mars