Meet Nina: she’s from Florida, she grew up in the 90’s, and she talks to her Mom six times a day. Shaken by the news that her best friend/back-up husband is marrying her polar opposite, Nina is catapulted back to the traumatic time of her Bat Mitzvah, when she first realized how scary it is to grow up. Stuck in a mid-twenties limbo, not quite on Broadway, yet not back in Florida married to a Jewish doctor, Nina wonders if she will ever find her own way. Who is Nina if she’s not who she thought she would be?

Development History

Staged Reading, Roundabout Underground 2015, directed by Stephen Brackett

Workshop, Fordham/Primary Stages, 2014


Character Breakdown

1 man, 3 women


Production History

University, Fordham/Primary Stages, 2014, directed by Sarah Krohn



Photos by Celina Lam